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Six Summer Staples

Quality classic pieces will last, never go out of fashion and are the best starting point for building your outfit.

Here are our Six Summer staple pieces that every wardrobe needs...

1. A Pima Cotton T-Shirt

A classic t-shirt made from superior Peruvian pima cotton. It will be the foundation piece for your outfit and will see you right through the warmer months . A cool classic white t-shirt is our favourite and the most versatile colour, however we have many colours for you to choose from.


2. A Chic Cotton Cardigan

The perfect piece for staying just the right temperature. Breathable and lightweight yet just a nice additional layer for a little warmth when you need it. A traditional crew neck is ageless and chic also looks great with that white pima t-shirt.


3. A Pair Of Ankle Grazer Trousers

An ankle grazer length trouser can be so versatile and is just the thing for a Summer look. Whether you want them for casual wear, smart wear or work wear, they will do just the trick. They will keep you cool no matter how hot it gets.


4. A Printed Top

Don’t be afraid to invest in prints, especially florals and stripes as these come back into fashion year after year.


5. A Coloured Handbag

Ditch the black handbag from Winter and go for an alternative colour. Lighter and brighter colours scream Spring, and if you’re not one for having the confidence to sport colour in your clothes, then do it with your handbag. The great thing about some shades like greys and reds, are they can transition into Autumn too giving you longer wear.


6. A Scarf

The perfect accessory for an additional layer or for simply finishing off an outfit. This is where you can really change an outfit whether it’s to inject some colour or play around with prints.