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Pima Cotton

Pima cotton bollOur pima cotton tops have a deserved reputation for their high quality and over the years we have built up a loyal customer base for them. Despite that there are still lots of people who don't know about this fabric.

You might think, “it’s just another cotton top”, but pima cotton is different to the ordinary cotton used to make some t-shirts you may find on the High Street.

What makes Pima Cotton different?

Pima cotton is grown in Peru and has a longer staple length than standard cotton meaning it weaves into a dense fabric that won’t pill and feels silky soft. It’s similar to Egyptian cotton and is considered to be one of the more superior cottons.

Pima cotton is hand harvested which enables it to retain its pure brilliant white colour allowing the dye to take to it beautifully.

The silky lustre gives it a slight sheen allowing you to wear the tops for smart or casual wear.

Pima Cotton Tops

We can highly vouch for pima cotton and even wear our pima cotton tops as uniform here in the shop as they are durable, wash amazingly well and retain their shape and colour for a very long time.

Pima Cotton Dresses

We have now added adorable children’s pima cotton dresses to our collection. Handmade in Peru, these little dresses will be cool and breathable on a lovely summer day for your special little ones.