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New Baby Alpacas

May is upon  us already and the longer days are welcomed and a real treat. The alpacas really enjoy the warm weather  and basking in the sunshine, exposing  their bellies. They also  love a good roll in a dusty patch of the field. It’s important that alpacas have a good field shelter and covered areas where they can seek refuge from the midday sun.

Ours have a purpose built barn that they can access whenever they choose, we keep this inside area bedded out with knee high straw for extra comfort.

New alpacas


On the May 3rd we welcomed five new baby alpacas to our family. Huge excitement for all  of us and our original herd. It was amazing to see them rush from the transport and dash over to meet and greet our girls.  Even Brett our miniature donkey was happy to see new faces and bucked and kicked with delight.

New alpacas


It’s taken a few days for them to settle and to merge all together. The youngsters do tend to stick together as a group exploring the field and looking for new smells and new delights. They have all quickly bonded, friendships have formed, and we are thrilled to say, all is well.


They are all here for you to visit for free and being young animals they are very inquisitive and intrigued by us humans.

Come and experience these enchanting animals and feel the calming and therapeutic vibes that their gentle natures create. Leave relaxed and in love with these adorable creatures.