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Meet Our Animals

For over 20 years alpacas have roamed the land here at Stainton and have met thousands of admirers along the way. At one time there were up to 80 alpacas, it was quite a sight causing passers by rush to put their car brakes on wondering what these unusual creatures were. It didn’t cause too many accidents luckily!

Alpacas today are pretty well known compared to all those years ago, yet still as popular with our visitors as ever. Their daily routine starts with breakfast at 8am consisting of hay and a camelid mix which is full of vitamins, pulses and copper all mixed with chopped alfala, a grass common to South America. The camelid mix is especially formulated for alpacas, these ingredients are important to keep their guts working properly. They eat grass all day long and prefer short grass leaving the longer stuff. Their barn is mucked out every morning and fresh straw is put down for a comfortable bed. They have access to fresh water, which is checked twice daily.

They love the sunshine and will lie with their tummies facing it and have a sleep. I often wish I WAS AN ALPACA!