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Making Alpaca Cloth

Planned for us this morning was a factory tour of Inca alpaca. We had a private tour due to missing the bus !
Inca alpaca is one of the main manufacturers of alpaca fleece. They produce their own yarn as well as a wide range of garments. The factory was very impressive and on a large scale, processing approximately 80, 000 kilo 's per month!!!
There is a resident vicuña, a very rare animal and cousin to the alpaca. His fleece is the most beautiful and valuable in world.

There is also another beautiful animal resident at the factory, a guanaca. The guanaco's fibre is also very special and sought after from fashion houses around the world.

The process starts with sorting the fibre into colours and quality, all of which is done by hand by skilled peruvian's. Then the fibre goes through the many machines and under goes vigorous checks. It is spun into yarn, washed then sent to the right department.


There are many systems in place for quality control, ensuring the final product is perfect. The garments are then packed with the highest of care, then there you have it, the finished product. The tour was interesting and very enjoyable, and really showed us how much hard work actually goes into producing alpaca products.

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