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Guilt-Free Fur

A question commonly asked by our customers is "Are alpacas killed for their fur?" We can proudly answer this with a confident "No".

All of our alpaca products come from Peru, the home of the alpaca. Alpacas are farmed predominately on the Andes and this can sometimes be in freezing conditions. Alpacas do not have to be killed for their fur; due to the harsh climates and terrain, baby alpacas can struggle and many do not survive to adulthood. Alpaca fur comes from naturally occurring deaths.

It is not financially viable for farmers to kill their alpacas for their pelts. The longer an animal lives the better as more fleece can be obtained when sheared year on year. The pelt is used from baby alpacas that have died naturally, and farmers use these pelts as it helps minimise their losses. Alpacas have to be sheared annually as their fleece does not naturally shed and they would risk overheating in the summer months.

Alpaca fur is silky soft and makes a luxurious product. Each tiny little hair is hollow making it very lightweight and allowing warm air to be trapped inside providing you with a warm product. Alpaca is one of the most sought after fibres in the fashion industry now and it’s no surprise as it known as the 'fibre of the Gods'.

Our teddies have always been popular making a special gift, becoming the start of a collection, or just as a furry companion!

These Alpaca fur hats and scarves are super stylish and add instant luxury. Lightweight and yet warm you’ll feel like royalty wearing them. In fact,  Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge was hugely admired for wearing an alpaca hat in 2018.

Alpaca rugs are made from a number of pelts by carefully selecting each piece for its colour and texture to create something truly unique for the home.

Saving the best for last, our signature Alpaca fur slippers are just dreamy. Just the thing you need to slip your feet into for comfort and warmth after a long day.