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Behind the scenes

  • Happy New Year 2018

    I would like to wish our customers a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous new year. Hope you had a very lovely Christmas as we did! Continue reading

  • Christmas Photoshoot

    This is my favourite time of year, but also our busiest here at the Alpaca Clothing Co. Our shop, mail order department, store room,  tea room is all under one roof. Continue reading

  • Meet Our Animals

    For over 20 years alpacas have roamed the land here at Stainton and have met thousands of admirers along the way. At one time there were up to 80 alpacas, it was quite a sight causing Continue reading

  • adios Peru

    It saddens us to say we leave deepest darkest Peru today. Our adventure has been so fantastic, better than what we imagined it would be and much more. The ten days has passed so quickly, we have made every minute count. The both of us have grown stronger as a...
  • Final Day

    After a busy week of business meetings we decided to spend our last day indulging in some peruvian culture and some shopping ! We were delighted to find a beautiful chocolate shop, so we made sure we stocked up with plenty for friends and family After all that shopping we...

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