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  • Six Summer Staples

    Quality classic pieces will last, never go out of fashion and are the best starting point for building your outfit. Here are our Six Summer staple pieces that every wardrobe needs... 1. A Pima Cotton T-Shirt A classic t-shirt made from superior Peruvian pima cotton. It will be the foundation...

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  • New Baby Alpacas

    May is upon  us already and the longer days are welcomed and a real treat. The alpacas really enjoy the warm weather  and basking in the sunshine, exposing  their bellies. They also  love a good roll in a dusty patch of the field. It’s important that alpacas have a good...

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  • Home & Garden Show

    Last month we exhibited at the annual Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show. Held annually, the Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show celebrates and showcases design, craftsmanship and originality and has quickly established itself as the finest Northern Home and Garden Show of the year. Cumbria is well known for...

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  • Spring Photo Shoot

    We are bursting at the seams with the new season stock, with new innovative fabrics stealing the show. Stripes, bold patterns and bright light pastel colours are the perfect trends to transition into spring style. For those of you who are close enough to visit us, spring is a beautiful...

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  • Guilt-Free Fur

    A question commonly asked by our customers is "Are alpacas killed for their fur?" We can proudly answer this with a confident "No". All of our alpaca products come from Peru, the home of the alpaca. Alpacas are farmed predominately on the Andes and this can sometimes be in freezing...

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