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Arrival to Peru

Hello everyone! We have arrived in Peru safe and sound.

We woke Sunday morning with lots of butterflies feeling anxious about our trip. Our taxi driver taking us to the airport didn't help with the nerves...he joked that he would look out for us on the news for us being held to ransom and even asked us if we were drug smugglers! We assured him it was purely Alpaca business.

The flight to Paris felt like it was over before it even started. Charles de Gaulle airport was huge but very pleasant and everything was on a grand scale, Katie couldn't resist a spot of shopping!

Both of us felt extremely tired after the mammoth journey but all of the flights were plain sailing, not nearly as bad as we thought. Check out our view from the plane window of the Andes...just incredible.

When we got off the plane the temperature hit us at 20 degrees, it was so hot that there was no snow on the top of Mount Misti. Our first impressions were that Peru really is a beautiful part of the World, with the views of mountains and stunning architecture.

We pulled up to the hotel and were wowed. We received a very warm welcome and quickly settled in.

The pool area

A permanent resident at the hotel, a 150 year old tortoise

The grand lobby

A resident alpaca in the hotel ground

We ventured for an eventful walk into central Arequipa. The traffic system is alarming, you need to either run or wait a long time to cross a road, but we did it. The culture is really something special, here are some Peruvians dressed in traditional clothing playing panpipes.

We then went to visit some family friends who kindly welcomed us into their amazing home. We sampled a delicious cocktail which was made from honey extracted from a tree. We were then treat to a glorious traditional peruvian 3 course meal. We had a tour of their home and met their 2 dogs and their 2 tortoises.

We ended our first great day in Peru by dining with a friendly face, Richard Hartley from the Alpaca Collection. He introduced us to a Peruvian national drink, a pisco sour which after trying, definitely has an acquired taste! It is made up of pisco, lemon juice, syrup and one egg white which is then vigorously shaken with ice.

Fernando our bar tender making pisco sours

Katie, Richard and Chantelle

We were then very ready for our beds and found a nice little surprise in our room of some chocolates just to wish us good night. So from us here, buenos noches!

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