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Alpaca - Fibre of the Gods

Alpaca fibre has long been prized for its special properties making it very sought after by top fashion houses around the world. When your clientele includes royalty you use the best.

  • extremely durable – its strength is second only to silk for natural fibres
  • extremely soft to touch - as soft as Cashmere
  • a great insulator - the hollow fibres keep the warm air in.
  • exceptionally lightweight – with alpaca you will find warmth in the lightest of garments
  • hypoallergenic - for people sensitive to sheep’s wool, alpaca is an great alternative as it is not prickly and does contain lanolin which some people find irritates their skin.

It is not without good reason that Alpaca was known by the Incas as the Fibre of the Gods!

We have picked out some of our personal favourite pieces of knitwear that are timelessly stylish and versatile. We really love them and think you will too.