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Alpaca Clothing

The Alpaca is a south American camel, cousin to the Llama. The animals are very inquisitive and gentle due to years of domestication. For thousands of years alpacas have been bred for their unique fibre, which was a cherished treasure of the ancient Inca civilisation known to Inca royalty as the fibre of the gods. Owing much of their character to the wild vicuna, alpacas produce the world’s finest fibre. It is the second strongest natural fibre to silk, and is very sought after from top fashion houses from around the world. The fibre has many special properties which makes it ideal for making clothing and many other products too. Alpaca fibre is light weight, luxuriously soft, warm, hard wearing and hypoallergenic. For people sensitive to sheep’s wool rest assured alpaca wool doesn’t irritate the wearer. Some more Interesting Facts…. Alpaca Fibre occurs naturally in over 22 shades from black to white, Naturally Regulates Temperature, is Luxuriously Soft, Wick’s Away Moisture, Deters Dust Mites, Allergy Friendly, Eco Friendly, and is Light Weight yet Warm.