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Alpaca Fur Rug Black
Alpaca Fur Rug Black Alpaca Fur Rug Black

Alpaca Fur Rug Black

This beautiful alpaca rug made in Peru provides the ultimate comfort and will transform the look of a room and give it character.

Sink your feet into the deep sumptuous alpaca fur in front of the sofa or add a touch of luxury and drape it over your bed. Wherever you choose to place it, it’s sure to be a main feature that will charm all.

With its soft and sensuous touch you will feel no other rug like it as alpaca is one of the world's luxurious fibres being the second strongest natural fibre to silk and as soft as cashmere, yet more durable than both. Alpaca fibre is light weight, warm, hard wearing and hypoallergenic.

A soft cotton backing makes the rug flexible allowing it to be used as a throw too.

Sizes are approximate, some may be a little under or over by an inch.

  • Small: 16 x 24 inches 40 x 60cm
  • Medium: 23 x 32 inches 59cm x 80cm
  • Large: 37 x 50 inches 95 cm x 127cm
  • X Large: 48 x 68 inches 122 x 173cm
  • Depth is 3-4cm

Please note due to the natural colour of the alpacas, some rugs may contain different shading in parts. If you have any specific requirements please do get in touch.

Alpaca is very durable and easy to care for. Occasionally you may want to "freshen" your rug by dusting it with ordinary baby powder, followed by shaking.

Alpaca fur is not machine washable and we suggest you use a specialist dry cleaner.

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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Please follow these instructions to keep this product in the best condition Do not wash
Do not tumble dry
Send to a specialist dry cleaner

Sizing Guide

We offer the following information as a guide to our sizes. Whilst we make every effort to maintain the accuracy of this guide, some sizes do differ. If in doubt please contact us on 01768 891440 or email us at

With the Alpaca Clothing, please bear in mind that it has a tendency to be slightly smaller than the label suggests. If in doubt we recommend you order one size larger than expected with the Alpaca Clothing

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